Sunday, 8 May 2011

VirtualBox: How to create a shared folder between Linux (Ubuntu) host os and Windows 7 or Linux (Ubuntu) guest os

Requirements: install Guest Additions and shutdown the vm

assume name of vm is WindowsVM and you want to share folder home/micharg/SharedVMFolder

on Linux (Ubuntu) Host OS:
$ mkdir /home/micharg/SharedVMFolder
$ VBoxManage sharedfolder add "WindowsVM" --name "SharedVMFolder" --hostpath "/home/micharg/SharedVMFolder"
$ VBoxManage startvm WindowsVM

on Linux (Ubuntu) Guest OS:
$ mkdir /home/vmuser/SharedVMFolder
$ sudo mount -t vboxsf -o uid=aromero SharedVMFolder /home/vmuser/SharedVMFolder

on Windows 7 Guest OS:
Nothing more to do ;) Just go to Network and you will see the shared the new shared folder SharedVMFolder in pc VBOXSRV

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